Why us ?????

We try to simplify the formalities as much as possible and shorten the time from the inquiry to the hiring of the employee as much as possible. We recruit employees to companies. We know the market perfectly well, we have the necessary tools and developed methods to quickly reach the right candidates. We cooperate with employment agencies all over Europe.

We have a branch in Poland so we will find the best employee for you on site in Europe, according to your requirements and needs.

How can we help you?

Are you looking for employees, want to save time and reduce staffing and administration costs? We offer recruitment, temporary work and employee leasing services. We will help you find employees, efficiently guide you through the whole process and relieve your company of administrative and human resources issues.

Temporary work – Temporary worker

In the case of this service, we will take care of the recruitment and delivery of employees employed by us on the basis of an employment contract, ready to work. We will also take over all administrative and human resources duties (including payroll) and liability to labour market institutions, as we become the formal employer.

We are open to various forms of cooperation. Our employee can become yours and you only pay us a commission.

Why is it worth it?

We will recruit and quickly deliver ready to work professionals with up-to-date research, we will provide you with a clear and transparent valuation with full cost simulation – from the beginning you know how much you will pay.

We will take over the formalities: we will sign contracts, calculate the salary, take care of holidays and layoffs

We will take responsibility to the labour institutions

We can easily match the number of employees to the needs of your company

We will reduce the costs of recruitment and functioning of the company thanks to full administrative and human resources service


Temporary work is a service in which, on the basis of a tripartite contract, the agency hires employees on a contract of employment (for a fixed period) and delegates them to work for the client. The agency is the employer and the client is the user employer. According to the Act on hiring temporary employees, an employee may be employed by one User Employer for no longer than 18 months within the next 36 months. The employee is also entitled to leave and paid sick leave. The greatest advantages of temporary work are: possibility to check the employees before permanent employment, greater flexibility, personnel and payroll service provided by the agency, transfer of all responsibility before labour market institutions to the agency.

We will prepare an offer

We need 24 hours for this. How much do we cost? It depends on many factors: level of position, number of employees, planned length of cooperation. We provide our clients with a detailed cost estimate and the resulting final price and we never expose them to hidden costs. In our offer we will transparently show the costs of our work (margin) and the costs you incur as an employer. You know in advance how much you will pay.

We will recruit employees

As soon as we sign the contract, we will start looking for employees. We will introduce some of them immediately, using our database of candidates, and we will reach others using the developed methods. All candidates will be forwarded to you with a request for verification – the decision to hire always lies with you.

How long will it take? The waiting time depends on whether you are looking for someone with unique skills or easily accessible competences. Call us, tell us who you need – we will advise you best we can.

We will take care of the formalities related to employment

We will complete the formalities in an instant and send employees to work in your company. We will collect the necessary documents, take care of the medical examination, sign contracts and provide employees with all important information. If an employee falls ill, we will do everything to find a replacement as soon as possible – we will use the current database, call additional candidates to ensure continuity of employment.

We will adjust the employment rate

Need to increase or decrease the number of employees? You just tell us about it, and we take care of the rest.

Clearance, payment and invoice

We accept several settlement systems – net / per hour, net / per month, net /6 months and net /12 months. At the end of the month we send for your approval a clear statement of all costs, i.e. those related to hiring an employee + our margin. We issue one invoice and take the problem out of your mind.

Where do we operate! – How do we operate!

We operate all over Canada. It doesn’t matter if your company is in the east or west of Canada. We are based in Calgary and Vancouver, but if necessary, we can meet anywhere in Canada .

We have a huge database of employees from Europe, so we can help you find the best employee. In addition, we will take care of all immigration formalities to Canada. The topic of immigration we take care of.

It should be remembered that workers from Eastern Europe in particular will take on every job. We have in our database of employees from each NOC Skille Type 0, A, B, C and D.



Our company is based in Calgary, Alberta. We also have offices in Vancouver, BC. We are currently working on our development and want to open an office in Halifax, NS.